Exactly What Is Holistic Health?

The concept of holistic health is based on the idea that optimal health can be achieved by focusing on the whole person. Each person is made up of many different systems, including the mind, the body, the spirit, and the emotions. Working towards holistic health means that a person is striving to achieve overall wellness by caring for all of these interconnects parts.

Holistic Medicine vs. Traditional Western Medicine

In traditional Western medicine, physicians frequently treat their patients for the symptoms of their diseases by providing medicine and other conventional therapies. In holistic medicine, practitioners seek to find the root causes of the disease instead of just focusing on the symptoms, and work on correcting or improving those root causes. They may also use a larger variety of treatment options, including complementary or alternative therapies, to work towards healing.

For example, whereas a traditional physician may see a person with chronic insomnia and prescribe him or her medications to treat the symptom of insomnia, a holistic doctor may treat the person very differently. Asking a variety of questions to see the person as a whole, the practitioner will strive to find the underlying causes of sleeplessness, and work to fix those causes. He will explore the psychological and emotional life of the person, as well as the physical body, to find imbalances and potential triggers.

Treatments could include psychotherapy to work on emotional or spiritual causes, dietary changes to promote mental and overall health, massage to relieve stress, and doctor recommended supplements to click to investigate promote balance and well-being. Western medications and other procedures may still be necessary in some situations, but holistic doctors have a wide range of other treatments to use, as well.

Holistic Health as a Lifestyle

Each person on his or her own can work toward holistic health by striving to achieve balance in all areas of life. A healthful and varied diet, allowing for enjoyment as well as for moderation and nourishment, is a vital part. A balanced approach to exercise is also important for mental and emotional health as well as physical health. find here Dealing with life’s stressors and with both positive and negative emotions properly is vital to whole-body health, as well as getting an adequate amount of sleep, etc.

The human body is equipped with an innate ability to heal itself once lifestyle changes are made to allow healing to occur. In holistic medicine, that ability can be harnessed by people who are engaged in their own health, and willing and able to work towards balance and well-being.

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